Gilberto Garcia Jr Scala, Clojure & Haskell developer I'm a developer with a passion to learn new things. Java, Scala, Haskell, and Clojure are some of the languages I know. Philosophy, music, literature, sports, and surfing are my hobbies.

Arch Linux - Docker and iptables

How to make docker and iptables to get along.

Arch Linux - SSD Trim on encrypted LVM volumes

How to enable SSD trim on encrypted LVM volumes

IntelliJ changing the default JRE

How run IntelliJ using a different JRE.

Flora Time Tracker - Creating the database tables with Flyway

Preparing the backend for the free session page.

Flora Time Tracker - Free session backend overview

Small and quick overview about the free session page.

IntelliJ inotify issue on ArchLinux

How to set inotify value to make IntelliJ happy.

Dropwizard, Hibernate and, Session Issue

How to solve hibernate's 'No session currently bound to execution context' when using objects that are not managed by dropwizard.

Improve legacy code

My quick check list on things I do to improve legacy code.

Flora Time Tracker - Custom 404 error page

Setting up yesod to show a custom error page

Flora Time Tracker - Token Generator

How to use Haskell'l random library to creating a token generator

Flora Time Tracker - Adding Circle CI

Running backend and frontend tests upon every new commit pushed to github using Circle CI.

Running Jekyll locally in a docker container

How to run Jekyll locally in a docker container.

Docker - Running a PostgreSql container

Setting up a PostgreSql container with Docker Compose

Docker Machine and Docker Compose, installation and configuration

Setting up a development environment or Arch Linux using Docker, Machine and Compose.

Arch linux - Installing and configuring useful tools.

Configuring Gnome

Arch linux - Configuring Gnome and installing some base tools.

Configuring Gnome

Arch linux - Post installation

Configuring Arch with Gnome, GDM and the necessary packages to configure the wifi network.

Installing Arch linux

How to install arch linux with UEFI, LVM, and an encrpyted HD.

Flora Time Tracker - The free route

Creates the route to the free session page and refactor the home page.

Flora Time Tracker - Finishing the home page

Build the first React component and show how to integrate it with the application.

Flora Time Tracker - Building the home page

Use pureCss to build a nice and good looking home for the project.

Flora Time Tracker - Updating dependencies

Set stack to use lts-4.1 instead of lts-3.20 and updating the project dependencies.

Flora Time Tracker - Using Atom as a Haskell IDE

How to setup your development environment to use Atom as your IDE.

Flora Time Tracker - Integrating Yesod and Webpack

Now, we will learn how to set up webpack and how to integrate it with yesod.

Flora Time Tracker - Starting an Yesod Project

In this post we'll see how to create the skeleton for a new yesod project.

Flora Time Tracker - Project Goal

Flora is a time tracker that I built to learn how to build a Haskell web application integrated with the React stack.

Team A

The natural consequence of a team where respect plays a major role in is that each team member feels that he or she is an important part of it

On coding well

How a book about techniques to write non-fiction turned out to be a great book on how to improve the code you write.

Why methodologies fail software developers?

Ideas behind the evolution of methodologies and its pros and cons.

What makes a good developer?

Software development, like any other craft, requires a set of skills. But, what skills?